Business & Commercial Law

Southeast Pennsylvania Business Attorneys Located in Norristown and Doylestown, PA

Lawyers in our business and commercial law practice provide businesses of all types with efficient and precise commercial law solutions, solutions grounded in the attorneys’ extensive experience. Our clients include large, traditional corporations doing business in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, D.C.; overseas companies; closely held companies in the Greater Philadelphia area; individuals with entrepreneurial spirit; and businesses operating exclusively over the Internet and through multichannel marketing.

Experienced business and commercial lawyers

Attorney Joel D. Rosen served for 13 years as in-house counsel for two major corporations, AAMCO Transmissions and NutriSystem®, and has served companies involved in a wide range of commercial activities, including weight loss products, software licensing, sports photography, fitness centers, health care, electronics, automotive after market ventures and the restaurant industry. That experience provides Mr. Rosen with a valuable perspective from which to advise our clients on business law matters.
Together with other lawyers in our practice, Mr. Rosen provides efficient and precisely implemented legal strategies, providing a full range of business law services, including the following:

Risk Management and Loss Prevention

Risk management minimizes the business costs and distractions to executives inherent in dispute resolution. Our business advising services include development of sophisticated and effective risk management strategies. As General Counsel at NutriSystem®, Mr. Rosen served on the Board of Directors and helped manage an offshore insurance captive in Bermuda. He and our other lawyers craft strategies to help our clients avoid and/or prepare for the effective management of disputes and other risks associated with operating domestic and international businesses, helping them with proactive risk planning, the purchase of insurance products, including products liability coverage, insurance that protects employee benefits, and numerous other types of insurance. The attorneys also assist our clients in controlling insurance costs through measures such as self-insurance and risk management plan umbrellas.