Commercial Leasing

Years of experience in franchise law has led to our representation of businesses and individuals seeking to lease commercial real estate and equipment all over the country. On behalf of our clients, we deal with a range of entities involved in the commercial leasing process, including leasing companies, investment banks, government entities, lenders, insurance companies, and credit companies.

Real Estate Leasing

Most franchisees have to enter into a commercial lease. And, although entering into a lease may seem to be the least of your problems, if your lease agreement allows the landlord too much power, you might find yourself out on the street with a business to run and nowhere to go. Do not assume that you have to accept the terms of a commercial lease. With the assistance of an experienced commercial leasing attorney, you will be more likely to sign a lease agreement that will protect your interests.

Equipment leasing

As with real estate leases, you do not have to automatically accept the terms of an equipment lease. With the assistance of an experienced equipment leasing attorney, your chances of protecting your rights and the livelihood of your business are greater.